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Our wide range of options is suitable for businesses of any size or budget. We optimized the process of launching a brand-new business entity, whether you’re a small crypto-themed start-up, an NPO, or a mid-sized company that needs to obtain a financial services license in Europe. In addition to lowering possible financial and legal risks that might arise, our skilled team of qualified experts will help you to save time and money.

Financial Services License – Banking and Investment Licensing

Ever wondered how to get a Forex trading license? How to register a company that can deal with securities, lending, and asset management? Right now may be the perfect time to look into it, since the COVID19 pandemic hasn’t damaged the investment industry. In fact, the opposite is true: Due to the intensified volatility of the global stocks and marketplaces, the opportunities have increased manifold. Just like companies providing blockchain legal services, FX businesses thrives in times of instability! In case you’re looking to obtain an EMI License in Lithuania, LegalBison can also offer its corporate, technical, and finance expertise in order to make sure that your new business is up and running in no time.

Company Registration Services for Every Type of Offshore License

If all local procedures and deadlines are followed in a correct manner, your experience will be nothing short of amazing. You can always count on us to over deliver - no matter if we’re helping you attain a license for cryptocurrency exchange or if we’re providing legal consultation on the challenges of the local legal framework. We have years’ worth of experience in supporting new legal entities and helping businesses with international ambitions. If you’re a company ready to conquer the lucrative markets of Hong Kong, Estonia, Vanuatu, and many others, feel free to contact us immediately.

Setting Up Global Bank Accounts

As the leading purveyor of varied services such as cryptocurrency legal advice, we take utmost care of providing you with the most definitive, hassle-free bank account opening services. Many of our top customers choose to open a bank account outside their country of residence because of the following advantages:
  • Higher protection of the capital
  • Increased tax savings
  • Access to high-end and high-speed transaction services
  • Growing number of international investment opportunities

Obtain a License for Cryptocurrency Exchange | Top Blockchain Use Cases

Amidst the cryptocurrency boom, the wisest course of action is to become a supplier of tools, not only an active participant. The potential reward to starting up your own BTC exchange is higher than ever before as the crypto craze reaches fever pitch. The LegalBison team will help you launch your cryptocurrency legal exchange in a matter of months. Even before you go live via beta testing, we will help you to partner up with the best payment processors for crypto, find and implement the best cybersecurity practices, and iron out all the other finer details that will help make your business successful from day one.

Gambling Licenses: Legal Opinion, Definition

Web-based casinos are a great business that can yield great profits, but they require a great deal of expertise. If you want to launch a company as an e-gambling casino operator, the risks and complications related to licensing can be overwhelming. We offer a broad selection of both readymade and tailored options for all of our clients looking to kick-start a casino. On top of providing blockchain legal services to customers interested in a crypto-centric platform, we also can help you choose:
  • Software provider
  • Gaming content
  • Best means of payment
  • Best-suited jurisdiction
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