Crypto License in Lithuania

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Pricing for registration of Lithuania crypto license

Basic Package

Turnkey company formation, including VASP registration. Start now!

2.200 € Initial set up
no maintenance Maintenance per month
  • Turnkey Company Formation
  • Registration as VASP with the Regulator
  • Registered legal company address for 1 year
  • Basic (mandatory) AML/KYC Policy
Custom Package

Full turnkey crypto company formation and support in all necessary aspects

On request Initial set up
  • Turnkey Company Formation
  • Registration as VASP with the Regulator
  • Registered legal company address for 1 year
  • Basic (mandatory) AML/KYC Policy
  • Full communication with VASP Issuing authority for obtainment of authorization
  • Translated and apostilled set of corporate documents
  • Assistance in opening Business account for crypto operating activity
  • Assistance in formulating requirements, finding, interviewing and written agreement with AML/MLRO for your crypto company

Professionals for Crypto License in Lithuania - Free Consultation

Kirill Gussev photo
Kirill Gussev Corporate Service Professional

How to get a Crypto License in Lithuania?

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1. Registration of Limited Liability Company (UAB) in Lithuania
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2. Preparation of the AML-CFT, KYC policies + systems
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3. Appointment of an AML officer for reporting to the Financial Crime Unit
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4. Registration at the Financial Crime Investigation Service
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5. Discussion and adjustments for authorization
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6. (optional) Corporate account opening

Top 5 Advantages - Lithuania Crypto License

  1. Lightest framework in Europe
  2. Most cost effective license in Europe
  3. Recognized for its financial institutions
  4. Can be set and operated remotely
  5. Crypto-friendly jurisdiction

Lithuania crypto license suitable for:

  • Custody
  • Fiat to crypto
  • Crypto exchange
  • ICO
  • ITO
  • Innovative blockchain ideas

Requirements in Lithuania - what is needed?

Who regulates crypto companies in Lithuania?

The Financial Crime Investigation Service (FNTT) monitors crypto companies in Lithuania
  • A company registered in Lithuania
  • Minimum share capital 2.500 EUR
  • Extensive background check of all participants, including a certificate of non criminal record, a review of the resume and possible interviews
  • A specific set of required internal risk policies according to local AML laws
  • Internal risk management guidelines and internal control policies
  • Enforcing KYC on your crypto services
  • Create (or have created) the technical instructure of your business

Alternatives for Lithuania Crypto licenses in 2024

FAQ - Crypto license in Lithuania

Do I need a resident director to get the Lithuanian crypto license?
Do I need a physical office to successfully obtain the Lithuanian crypto license?
What are the KYC and AML requirements for the Lithuanian crypto license?
Does my Lithuanian crypto company need an AML officer to operate?
Is it possible to purchase an existing regulated company to speed up the process?
Can you assist me in producing all the necessary documents and applications in Lithuania?
Do you have experience obtaining bank accounts for Lithuanian crypto companies?

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