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Bank Accounts in Saint Vincent & Grenadines

Banks to choose from:
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First Caribbean International
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Nova Scotia
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Millennium Bank
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Trend Bank
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Loyal Bank Ltd
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United Bank Ltd
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European Commerce Bank
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How to get a Bank Account in Saint Vincent & Grenadines?
Choose a jurisdiction1.
Choose to travel or do everything remotely2.
Pay for the service using a suitable method3.
Receive credentials of your new bank account4.
Get cards and online banking access5.
Receive a package with all documents delivered to your footstep6.


What are the minimum requirements to obtain a bank account in Saint Vincent & Grenadines?

The exact documents may vary signtificantly from one bank to the other, but based on our experience we set up a list of documents which most banks will request. Please be aware, those documents are not final and in every case your personal client representative will lead you through all required documents.

  • Certificate of Incorporation for the Company issued by the Company Registrar
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association issued by the Company Registrar
  • Certificates listing the current directors, current shareholders and registered address of the Company issued by the Company Registrar
  • Certificate of Good Standing issued by Company Registrar (if applicable) or an official registry document confirming that the Company is not in the process of being dissolved, struck off, wound up or terminated
  • Board resolution confirming appointment of Authorized Signatory (if applicable)
  • Notarised/legalized passports in a coloured copy of all Shareholders, UBOs and Directors
  • Contact details of all persons that will represent the Company