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Open a bank account in CIS countries — Process & Roadmap

The Commonwealth of Independent States, or CIS, commonly designates a set of Eurasian countries, formerly part of USSR. These countries cooperate on the economical level, which makes it an interesting perspective for international business in the area. Opening an account for your company in a CIS country is an opportunity to reach this part of the world. Doing business with Russia, for example, or the emerging economies of Kazakhstan, Georgia and the likes. Numerous opportunities await and owning an account in the region can go a long way. Plus, the banking system of CIS countries are reliable and trusted for worldwide operations. Most of the main players in the financial industry are well implemented in more than one jurisdiction, in both Europe and Asia.

Opening a business account in Georgia — Advantages and Benefits

A sunny and historically rich country of the Caucasus, Georgia is developing at an impressive pace. Not only Georgia has a diverse and growing economy, it also prides itself in having one of the lowest corruption rates of the two continents it sits in. It is therefore an upcoming place for business and a Georgia bank account sets you up for this chance. In addition to banking services, incorporation in Georgia could also be beneficial to your activity. Georgia has a lot to offer: a high level of economic freedom, attractive tax rates and modern services and infrastructures. We see it as becoming a future epicenter of international business, with its promising initiatives and its strategic location between Europe and Asia. Our experts at LegalBison are knowledgeable about the best bank in Georgia to open a business account. Contact us to receive a consultation, so you will better understand how simple our team can make things for you. Developing your business in Georgia and beyond becomes a child play.

Corporate bank account in the Russian Federation — Easy opening

To open a bank account in Russia is the first step to take, in order to do business with the largest country in the world. The Russian banking system is very strong, versed into many industries and countries. You will be rewarded with multi-currency accounts and fast banking wires. The Russia bank account number format is easy to use. Sending and getting payments with a Russian bank is as simple as one can hope for. Most corporate Russian banks developed intuitive online phone apps to manage your account in real time. Tying business partnerships in Russia is an attractive perspective. There are many opportunities to seize in a country with a striving IT sector and a solid internal market. The Russian Federation is expected to grow economically in the coming decades and now is the right time to think about getting a head start. Getting a Russian corporate bank account for your firm is one step in that direction.
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