Banking Licenses

Banking Licenses
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EMI License in Lithuania on request
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  • Fast Execution
  • Simple Process
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More info

Specialized Private Banking License to Suit Your Needs

LegalBison enables you to provide a broad range of banking services, including money remittance, card/account issuance, and deposit-taking. Both Lithuania and its central bank (Bank of Lithuania/Lietuvos bankas) are reasonable and forward-looking, ready to embrace any modern technology in order to simplify and enhance banking services. There’s a very lucrative policy offering special benefits to new companies that choose Lithuania as their legal base of operations and business. Reputable corporations operating out of the country include Western Union, Danske Bank, and Revolut. Banking license application process is also relatively simple.

Biggest Advantages of Starting an EMI Like Revolut - Banking License in Lithuania

  • Your clients will be able to easily manage their funds within a secure, well-thought-out system
  • You will be able to handle any currency
  • Uncomplicated banking license requirements
Lithuania is one of the most e-money oriented countries in the EU
  • You will be able to issue credit cards
  • Much easier than securing an investment banking license

Authorization Process

As mentioned before, the process is relatively simple. Here are the four stages:
  1. Pre-Application - We issue a formal introduction on your behalf and prepare the documents.
  2. Application Submission - Similar to when applying for an investment banking license, you have to communicate with The Financial Market Supervision Service, a structural unit within the Bank of Lithuania
  3. Assessment - After making sure that everything adheres to the banking license requirements, The FMSS transfers data to the European Central Bank (ECB). From that point forward, they investigate the documents autonomously before reaching the final decision.
  4. Issuance or Rejection

How We Help with Your Banking License Application

  • Accreditation - We provide full-cycle support and application preparation aid. We also take care of all the communications with the issuer of an internet banking license on your behalf.
  • Compliance - We help you stay compliant with regulatory requirements set by the FMSS and/or ECB. That way, you can concentrate on making your business grow instead of wasting time on paperwork. The process of obtaining an offshore banking license should not interrupt or interfere with your revenue flow.
  • Full-time support and versatile management - A mixture of services required to keep the process uninterruptible and efficient. Similar services are employed when applying for a PayPal banking license. It includes everything from helping you partner with suitable organizations to making sure your software, hardware, and workforce are all set up in a way that aligns with your needs and financial constraints.
  • EMI Consultation - Making the new banking license list with the right company backing you up is relatively simple, but there are still many questions that can arise along the way. Our partnership with you encompasses consulting services of different kinds, including legal, marketing, and beyond. New banking license companies don’t have it easy sometimes.
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