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Company Formation in New Zealand image
Company in New Zealand from 2.000 €
  • 2-3 days incorporation
  • Ideal for trade
  • Flat tax rate
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Company in Australia from 2.000 €
  • High prestige
  • Part of RCEP treaty
  • Business friendly
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New Zealand Company Registration, Starting a Business in Oceania

Australia and Oceania is a continent made up of several islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean. It’s an exceedingly diverse region in many respects: culture, cuisine, economy, taxes, logistics, and so forth. The said variety is what facilitates a broad range of possibilities for company registration. You have options ranging from safe, juggernaut-like economies like Australia to highly competitive and rapidly developing picks such as New Zealand. Company registration in the above-mentioned countries can be completed in a couple of business days if done correctly. Important Information Regarding New Zealand Company Registration It’s very easy to form a company in New Zealand. The LegalBison taskforce will guide you through every stage, including:
  • Initial consultation
  • Payment
  • [REMOTE REGISTRATION ONLY]: Notarizing a power of attorney
  • Document preparation
  • Finalization and notarization
It only takes 1-3 days to set up a company in New Zealand, which is one of the factors that many successful business owners point to when explaining their decision to launch a company there. One more pivotal factor is the flat tax rate.

Applicable Taxes After New Zealand Business Launch

Resident businesses are accessible for both local and foreign-derived income. Not considering citizenship, a single tax rate of 28% is applied to most establishments. Dividends received by a resident company will be taxed at a 33% rate. Of course, all the smaller-scale technicalities are incredibly important, but you have to keep the bigger picture in mind: as things stand right now, New Zealand seems poised for an economic boost thanks to a myriad of ambitious projects and proposed trading agreements (regional, national, and international). Going through the New Zealand company registration process is going to be well worth it in the end. To summarize, here are the key advantages of receiving your brand-new New Zealand company registration number:
  1. Stable political and economic situation
  2. Flat tax rate
  3. Plethora of ambitious and comprehensive FTAs

Company Launch in Australia

Company registration in Oceania is our specialty, so LegalBison’s experienced team can easily help you commence and complete the registration of your business. Have your enterprise set up in a few simple steps:
  • Initial consultation
  • Payment
  • [REMOTE COMPANY REGISTRATION IN OCEANIA ONLY]: Notarizing a power of attorney
  • Document preparation
  • Finalization and notarization
Dissimilar to New Zealand, the company registration process can be done remotely in 14 days. On average, it only takes 5-10 business days to launch a business in Australia. All businesses are subject to a federal tax rate of 30% on their taxable income, except for smaller companies, which are subject to a lowered tax rate of 25%.

Form a Company in Oceania – Australia

Without getting too technical, let’s say this: Australian domestic market is very attractive for new players and foreign investors. Thinking about picking this option instead of opting for the issuing of a New Zealand company registration number? Here are the other key advantages of choosing Australia as the home of your new business:
  1. Stability of jurisdiction
  2. Part of the highly promising RCEP “mega-regional” trade agreement
  3. Contingent, high-skilled workers
  4. Flexible company legislation
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