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Gambling License in Malta

Top 5 Advantages of Malta

  1. Most trusted framework in Europe
  2. The home of important gambling companies
  3. Clear and straightforward process
  4. Only 5% tax
  5. Flexible licensing for all type of games
Packages to choose from:
We do the whole registration process, including the preparation of all needed documents, communication with state authorities and notaries
We provide a local contact person who speaks the language and communicates with authorities
Company contact person
You receive from us a legal address for your company, thus, no need to rent/buy a physical office
Legal address for 1 year
You do not need to visit this jurisdiction personally to incorporate - this will save time and money
Remote incorporation
We accompany you during the whole legal process for a successful incorporation
Notary services
How to get the Gambling License in Malta?
Create a business plan including the games proposed1.
Prepare the application with LegalBison2.
Get your website and games ready3.
File the application4.
A 5-steps review of your application occurs with LegalBison's assistance5.
Your business is granted the Gambling License6.

Suitable for:

  • Casino games
  • Poker, blackjack and card games
  • Lotteries and drawings
  • Roulette
  • Betting
  • Sports betting
  • eSports

Note: There are also other services you may offer your clients, please speak to our professionals to ensure that this license suits your business model.

Different types of Maltese Gambling license

Depending on the planned games for your gambling website, a different categorization of the license will apply.

  • The Type 1 license is for games of chance where the player plays against the house and the results are generated randomly, like online poker or casino games
  • The Type 2 license is for the games of chance where the players plays against the house but he results are not randomly generated
  • The Type 3 license is for the games where people are not playing against the house, that is merely collecting playing fees. For example: sports betting and player-versus-player poker
  • The Type 4 license covers the games involving skills, such as eSports competitions

Creating a physical casino space in Malta is possible

  • The Malta Gambling License is mostly aimed at online businesses, but also allows for the creation of a gaming space in Malta

Get in touch for more details about the realization of such projects.

A different license for game vendors and developpers

  • You are a software developer creating gambling games?
  • You need a Critical Gaming Supply license to legally sell your games to gaming websites registered in Malta.
  • That way, your games will be green-lighted by the authorities and easy to bring to the market.
  • Get in touch for more details about the Critical Gaming Supply license.


What are the minimum requirements to obtain the Gambling License in Malta?

The Malta Gaming Authority is the regulatory body for everything gambling in Malta

  • A company registered in Malta or in the EEA
  • Complete background check of the participants (resume, non-criminal records...)
  • A minimum share capital of 40,000 € for Type 3 and 4 licenses, or, 100,000 € for Type 1 and 2 licenses
  • A complete IT solution for your gaming platform: website, domain name, software, system administration and implementation of risk management processes
  • The implementation of Maltese compliance regulations, within your business model and your system (KYC, AML, thresholds for deposits, retrievals and earnings, etc)
  • A detailed business plan covering everything quoted above: the business model, the participants, the IT solution, as well as the implementation of compliance regulations in Malta

Known companies in Malta