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Gambling Licenses
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Gambling License in Malta on request
  • 5% tax
  • Prestigious license
  • For all type of games
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Gambling License in Curacao on request
  • 2% tax
  • Fast Execution
  • Simple Process
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Online Gambling License: Offshore Options

An off-shore gambling license enables its holder to deliver offshore gambling (legal) services. Due to the fact that gambling is highly revered and beloved, this type of business has always been among the most profitable. Undergoing licensing in the EU or North America can prove to be a hassle, which is why our legal team always advises acquiring an off-shore license if you want to have a simple online casino license for start-ups. It allows the holder to carry out the following:
  • Lotteries/drawings
  • Casino games
  • Poker, blackjack, card games
  • + more, depending on the jurisdiction

Here are three main reasons why it’s important to obtain a gambling license:

  1. Most legitimate payment platforms refuse to do business with unlicensed gambling venues
  2. From a player’s point of view, a valid license guarantees trustworthiness and transparency
  3. In most countries, it’s illegal to conduct this type of business without proper licensing – refusing to comply might result in criminal charges

Jurisdictions Suitable for Our Offshore Gambling Legal Servises: Malta

Since the turn of the millennium, the Malta gambling industry has flourished, thanks to a series of orders from the authorities, a move that paid dividends almost immediately. All brands of web-based gaming, including web casinos, casino-type games, betting exchanges and lotteries, can be carried out from Malta. Of course, each operator has to have a suitable license of the right class.

Types of gambling licenses:

  • Class 01 – Online gambling.
  • Class 02 – Online betting.
  • Class 03 – Combines Class 02 and Class 01.
  • Class 04 – License to manage web-based gambling operators.

Key advantages of a Maltese gambling license:

  1. Only EU-based off-short option
  2. Well-adjusted jurisdiction
  3. Supports innovation (gambling offshore crypto with two licenses is a good example)
  4. Qualified workforce
  5. Attractive fiscal framework
  6. 5% taxation
  7. Stable political situation
  8. LegalBison team has years of worth of experience dealing with Maltese authorities
  9. Simplified banking options: with an offshore gambling license, card processor provider choosing is very straightforward

Jurisdictions Suitable for Our Offshore Gambling Legal Services: Curaçao

Curaçao’s Ministry of Justice declared the Curaçao Gaming Control Board responsible for the issuance of gambling licenses. This island nation only has a single type of license that covers all kinds of web-based games. The Gaming Control Board provides a surprisingly broad range of services, namely: management of e-licenses, hosting, and various other IT-adjacent tasks. Those that seek options for gambling offshore, crypto, with two licenses, and beyond, should really consider making Curaçao their home of operations.

The following are the biggest benefits of choosing Curaçao:

  1. It’s perfect for a strap-up due to being a financially undemanding option
  2. Quickest licensing process
  3. Very straightforward process
  4. Clear code of conduct
  5. Curacao Internet Gaming Association (GIGA) is very receptive and flexible to those with an offshore gambling license
  6. Card processor options are plentiful
  7. It’s fully possible for you to purchase an existing business in Malta to speed up the process
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