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Investment Dealer License in Mauritius

Top 5 Advantages of Mauritius

  1. Advantageous taxation
  2. Lightweight framework
  3. Unexpensive license
  4. Straightforward process
  5. An affordable framework is available for smaller projects
Packages to choose from:
We do the whole registration process, including the preparation of all needed documents, communication with state authorities and notaries
We provide a local contact person who speaks the language and communicates with authorities
Company contact person
You receive from us a legal address for your company, thus, no need to rent/buy a physical office
Legal address for 1 year
You do not need to visit this jurisdiction personally to incorporate - this will save time and money
Remote incorporation
We accompany you during the whole legal process for a successful incorporation
Notary services
We provide a local contact person who speaks the language and communicates with authorities
Company secretary
We will be able to identify proper personnel for you, in case you want to have a local AML Officer.
AML Officers
If you want to have a local director, this service is useful. This director will only have limited access and powers, but it is usefull to show substance and is required potentially for the license in the future.
Local director
We provide you with the complete accounting needed for this jurisdiction, including monthly and yearly statements.
Accounting for 1 year
You grant us a power of attorney to carry out activities for you in the jurisdiction with different powers and terms of validity.
Long-term POA
We assist you in writing the business plan that is needed and provide you with according templates, which you will need to finalize.
Business Plan
We assist you in writing the AML regulations and the needed internal control systems to by providing you with according templates which you will need to finalize.
AML Paper and Rules
A specific amount of hours of legal support by local legal professionals you may use on demand.
Additional legal support
We help you to open a corporate account that suits your business model.
Corporate account
How to get the Investment Dealer License in Mauritius?
Register a company in Mauritius1.
Produce a resolution of the company board to apply for licensing2.
Fill the authority form3.
Register an office in Mauritius and employ at least 1 resident (can be indirect employment)4.
Fill the application relevant to your desired level of licensing5.
For underwriters, describe the process and policies, including compliance with the securities transactions rules of Mauritius6.

Suitable for:

  • Manage portfolios (Level B - Broker License)
  • Give advice on securities' transaction (Level B - Broker License)
  • Act as intermediary (Level C - Full Service License)
  • Trade securities as principal to resell to the public (Level C - Full Service License)
  • Give investment advices (Level C - Full Service License)
  • Underwrite securities (Level D - Full Service and Underwriter License)
  • Distribute securities on behalf of an issuer or holder (Level D - Full Service and Underwriter License)

Note: There are also other services you may offer your clients, please speak to our professionals to ensure that this license suits your business model.

Types of investment dealer licenses in Mauritius

There are four types of investment dealers registered in Mauritius. Each «level» of licensing allows for different business activities:

  • Discount Brokers (Level A)

To execute transactions on behalf of your clients.

  • Brokers (Level B)

To manage your clients' porfolios and advise them about the financial instruments.

  • Full Service Dealers (Level C)

To trade securities and give investment advices to your clients.

  • Full Service Dealers with Underwriting Rights (Level D)

To underwrite securities and distribute securities on behalf of an issuer of holder


What are the minimum requirements to obtain the Investment License in Mauritius?

The Mauritius FSC is regulating the investment intermediaries and funds.

  • A company registered in Mauritius
  • At least 1 employee within Mauritius (can be indirect employment such as an accountant)
  • Detailed Business Plan (including corporate structure, financial forecasts, etc)
  • Minimum share capital (amount depending on the license category)