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Forex License in Vanuatu on request
  • 0% tax
  • Perfect to begin with
  • Easy process
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Investment License in Mauritius on request
  • 15% tax
  • Fast Execution
  • Simple Process
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Investment Broker License: Background Information

If the services that the company provides lie within the definition of "financial services" then the business needs to have a suitable license. The fact that the obtainment of the license was a success sends a clear message to the potential clientele: this business is trustworthy. LegalBison helps both start-ups and established firms prove their legitimacy to the public by assisting the process of getting any type of license, including investment brokerage licenses in offshores. In fact, this option proved time and time again to be the most lucrative one. With the right approach, an offshore investment license can be a highly profitable investment. We will now discuss two of the most popular choices that most businesses turn to after conducting enough research.

Investment Brokerage Licenses in Offshores - Mauritius

Skilled specialists employed by LegalBison routinely cooperate with envoys and reps of both government committees and private institutions of Mauritius. We know how to swiftly establish a new enterprise, create a bank account with the appropriate tax authority, and earn a proper gambling certificate. Our long-term cooperation with the Republic of Mauritius is a guarantee of successful operations, lack of delays, and high standards of conduct. These are the main reasons why businesses Mauritius for the obtainment of their investment brokerage offshore license:
  • Flexibility: different types of licenses are available.
  • Inexpensive licensing process and no upfront fee.
  • Perfectly suited for smaller-scale projects where it's important to stay on budget.
  • Easy-to-understand process of application.
  • Advantageous tax treatment for foreign businesses.

Vanuatu - The Perfect Offshore Jurisdiction for Investment Companies

Investment company is a business unit whose mission is to provide professional and quality investment services to its clients. In order to be seen as trustworthy in the eyes of the client, a company has to be fully accredited. Suitable accreditation includes an investment brokerage offshore license from Vanuatu. Modern infrastructure, insignificant costs of development and maintenance, and good status within the international community make Vanuatu a very attractive jurisdiction for foreign companies operating in the area of investing. Other advantages include:
  • Simple and relatively fast certification process.
  • Ability to choose different types of licenses, including offshore license to sell investment.
  • Progressive legal framework.
  • No taxation on profits of foreign companies.
Additional Services That We Can Provide for Your Project
  • You can get help with the business plan for FX Company. Sometimes our clients have a set of goals in mind, but don’t really know how to achieve them
  • We can help with the IT side of your business, since we know the technology inside out
  • We can help you find the right insurance plan after you receive your offshore license to sell investment
Depending on the project and your needs, we can offer further services. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance at any time.
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