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Crypto Framework In Estonia [2021] Estonia
12.01.2021 by Adrien Marchand
Crypto Framework In Estonia [2021]
It is not uncommon for a foreign investors to cooperate more willingly with a company registered in Hong Kong or the Seychelles than with a company registered in our country…
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Company Registrations - A Simple 3-Step Guide Company Formation
12.06.2021 by Aaron G.
Company Registrations – A Simple 3-Step Guide
There are very little to no limits in becoming a successful entrepreneur. Certainly there is no need for higher education, no need for a lot of capital in the beginning or even tons of…
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How to apply for a cryptocurrency license? Crypto
09.09.2021 by Adrien Marchand
How to apply for a cryptocurrency license?
Legal crypto exchanges have an edge: they are considered trustworthy. A license is a permit to do business, in exchange for a review of your operation…
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Registrar of Companies

Ever since its very inception, LegalBison was committed to providing top-tier services for clients from all over the globe. We foster international trade and e-commerce through the registration and regulation of businesses, crypto-related assistance, and several other services that can help you obtain a financial services license. In addition to helping our partners operate on a daily basis, we also strive to be an authoritative source of information that our clients can always turn to.

Services: Licensing Procedures

We provide a range of crypto, legal services that will help our customers develop and deploy successful businesses all over the globe. Those include:

→ Company Registration and Incorporation
→ Bank Account Registration
→ Crypto Services, incl. Crypto Consulting
→ Gambling Licensing
→ Banking Licensing
→ Investment Licensing

We take our position in the market serious. Experience and daily practical knowledge in the field of law, consulting, international tax legislation and the sector of FinTech in general is a fundamental part of our DNA. Our professionals not only take part in the most important global events and seminars regularly, but are also top university graduates.

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