About LegalBison

When looking for corporate business advice we strive to be perceived as the go-to person, not just a random passenger on your path.

We at LegalBison want you to think of us as your partner and advisor able to help in any area of developing your business. Everyone of our legal professionals has a high level of education, relevant practical experience, an entrepreneurial past and a transparent approach.

Headquartered in Tallinn (Estonia) our teams consist of legal professionals with international background and strong partners globally.


Our Mission

Our common goal is to analyse, understand and construct the ideal solution for you, the client. Not only because this is a minimum requirement we set ourselves, but also, because you want your partner to be associated with reliability, trustworthiness and honesty.

Core Values

Our team lives by these core values

  1. Thirst for knowledge and being the best: “Every satisfied client makes us gain experience to design an even better solution for the next project.”
  2. Honesty and giving context: “Transparency is key. Our clients have the right to know what they can expect. You will receive what you are promised to.”
  3. Knowing the facts – no guessing: “Constant education and being up to date gives you credibility.”


Based on the skills and knowledge of our international team and partners worldwide we carefully crafted a range of services to provide. Main areas we design solutions for:

  • Registration of legal entities and help with the follow-up
  • Structuring your business
  • Connecting clients with top foreign banks globally
  • Licensing and consulting for various business models:
    • Crypto Licenses
    • Gambling License
    • Investment (Forex Licenses)
    • Payment Licenses (EMI License, Banking License, PSPs)
  • Corporate banking consulting (including merchant accounts)
  • Setting up funds and trusts
  • Business Plan writing assistance

Your Advantages Working With Us

Throughout the years in this fast-paced ecosystem our professionals designed more than 250+ projects to scale our clients’ business. When starting a process with our clients we use our global network of partners, major consulting agencies, top banks and governmental bodies to make sure the implemented solution is according to the latest legal requirements.

We take our position in the market serious. Experience and daily practical knowledge in the field of law, consulting, international tax legislation and the sector of FinTech in general is a fundamental part of our DNA. Our professionals not only take part in the most important global events and seminars regularly, but are also top university graduates.

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Educated Professionals
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Customer First
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Your Data is Highly Secured
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Transparent Pricing

Our authors

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