Company Registration Offshore

Company Registration
Company Formation in Anguilla image
Company in Anguilla from 1.740 €
  • Ideal offshore jurisdiction
  • 0% corporate income tax
  • Fast and cheap process
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Company Formation in Aruba image
Company in Aruba from 1.100 €
  • Prestigious offshore
  • Multiple tax savings
  • No accounting
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Company Formation in Antigua and Barbuda image
Company in Antigua & Barbuda from 2.000 €
  • Tax-free offshore
  • Bearer shares allowed
  • Allows gambling
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Company Formation in the Bahamas image
Company in Bahamas from 1.350 €
  • Tax-free offshore
  • No reporting
  • Discretion of owners
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Company Formation in Barbados image
Company in Barbados from 4.990 €
  • Very low taxation
  • Not a tax haven
  • High discretion
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Company Formation in Belize image
Company in Belize from 960 €
  • Fastest incorporation
  • 0% Taxes
  • No reporting
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Company Formation in Brunei image
Company in Brunei from 9.300 €
  • Offshore in Asia
  • Advantageous taxation
  • Tax exempt possibilities
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Company Formation in the British Virgin Islands image
Company in BVI from 1.320€
  • Top offshore jurisdiction
  • Tax-free, no reporting
  • High secrecy
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Company Formation in Canada (LP) image
Company in Canada LP from 1.600 €
  • Tax-free structure
  • Prestigious jurisdiction
  • No filing of any kind
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Company Formation in the Cayman Islands image
Company in Cayman Islands from 3.000 €
  • Complete tax exemption
  • Very high privacy
  • Top for investing
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Company Formation in Costa Rica image
Company in Costa Rica from 2.000 €
  • Tax-free
  • Discretion of board members
  • Not listed as a tax haven!
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Company Formation in Curacao image
Company in Curaсao from 3.990 €
  • 0-3% income tax rate
  • Part of the Netherlands and of the EU
  • Top jurisdiction for gambling companies and tax planning
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Company Registration Offshore, Starting Up Your Business Now

Company registration in offshore countries bears many advantages:

  • it allows to extend your activities
  • the corporate taxation is often nil or very low
  • it gives an international identity to your operations
  • it permits the undertaking of specific activities that may be forbidden or heavily regulated elsewhere.
The formation process is simple and usually only takes a few days. Most of these jurisdictions are willing to onboard new ventures . They make it easy and attractive for anyone to register a legal entity in their country. The process is usually this simple:
  1. You describe your project to a LegalBison advisor
  2. You gather and send the necessary documents
  3. Your new company is ready in less than a week.

Company Registration Offshore benefits and examples

Let's say you decide to go for an offshore company registration in Belize with LegalBison. Belize, a Caribbean island, has a lot to offer you: 0% taxes, a set-up in a couple of days and many simplifications of the usual administrative duties. For example, Belize does not expect you to report your accounts. Offshore company registration in Panama is another fantastic possibility, that makes a great example. Panama lets you focus on working and doesn't ask you for residency on their soil. You are not asked for taxes, for a share capital or for financial statements. It's a win-win situation where your newly formed company will find a fertile ground to strive.

Company Registration Offshore is also possible in the West

It is also possible to create an offshore firm in Europe and North America. You cannot go wrong with a Delaware offshore company registration. The state of Delaware is well-known among wise entrepreneurs looking for a business-friendly place in the American continent. New Mexico is another good example of “tax haven in the US”. Another classic is to be found in the southwestern edge of Europe. Company registration in Gibraltar helped many savvy entrepreneurs across the world to grow their business and save important amounts in taxes. Many countries in the Western World are offering advantageous conditions and sometimes no taxation at all. Have a look at LegalBison's pages about Jersey, Guernsey, Gibraltar or the Limited Partnerships (LP) in Great Britain and Ireland.

What is the Simple Process of Offshore Company Registration?

  1. Your dedicated LegalBison advisor guides you in assessing the most suitable place of registration for your project
  2. You prepare a set of basic documents (some of them may require the seal of a notary)
  3. LegalBison manages the legal and administrative duties for you
  4. Once it's ready, we hand you the key
Opening a firm anywhere in the world with LegalBison is simple and fast. Your advisor will help you decide the perfect place of establishment for your activity. He will help you craft the document package and check all the boxes for a quick and smooth set-up. Your company is registered shortly. You can start working with the benefits of owning an offshore entity.
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