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Crypto License in Slovakia

Top 5 Advantages - Slovakia Crypto License

  1. Easy and unexpensive
  2. Central European country with high standards
  3. Allows all kinds of crypto-related business
  4. Little regulatory pressure
  5. Standard compliance, simple to implement
Packages to choose from:
We prepare all documents and apply properly for the crypto license. This is a one-time fee, there are no recurring fees
Cryptocurrency License
We do the whole registration process, including the preparation of all needed documents, communication with state authorities and notaries
You do not need to visit this jurisdiction personally to incorporate - this will save time and money
Remote incorporation
You receive from us a legal address for your company, thus, no need to rent/buy a physical office
Legal address for 1 year
We act as the contact person between you and the authorities, who speaks the language and communicates with the license issuer
Contact person in the country
You grant us a power of attorney to carry out administrative work for you in the jurisdiction with different powers and terms of validity
Long-term POA
We assist you with drafts, templates and concrete examples of how to best prepare the documentation and obtain the according crypto license
Assistance in preparing all documents
We help you to review your business plan, or give you a template of a detailed business plan including charts, schemes and forecasts which you will need to adjust according to your business model
Assistance in preparing your business plan
We assist you in developing the right KYC processes and to implement the right AML-CFT procedures
Assistance in preparing compliance policies
We assist you search for office/warehouse/apartments and sign a rental/purchase agreement
Assistance in finding a suitable office
We assist you in the whole HR process: formulating requirements, advertising job, analyzing suiting candidates, coming to a written agreement
Assistance in employment of resident personnel
We provide you with the complete accounting needed for this jurisdiction, including monthly and yearly statements
Accounting for 1 year
Authenticates the seals and signatures of your official company documents stating the rights and obligations of the entity's members or stakeholders of the company of any form of ownership in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction
Apostille of documents
A specific amount of hours of legal support by local legal professionals you may use on demand
Additional legal support
We assist you to proprely answer and open a corporate account that suits your business model
Bank account
How to get a Crypto License in Slovakia?
Register a company in Slovakia1.
Get a local address and a local manager2.
Fill an application to the Trade Licensing Office3.
Receive the trade agreement4.
Once successful: set-up crypto AML procedures & internal KYC policies/processes5.
Start operating your crypto company6.

Slovakia crypto license suitable for:

  • Custody
  • Fiat to crypto
  • Crypto exchange
  • ICO
  • ITO
  • DeFi project
  • Being a registered VASP (Virtual Asset Service Provider)
  • NFT Marketplaces

Requirements for the crypto license in Slovakia

Who regulates crypto companies in Slovakia?

The Trade Licensing Office registers and monitors cryptocurrency companies in Slovakia. The following is a list of requirements that we will help you to fulfill:

  • Company registered in Slovakia
  • A legal address
  • A local manager
  • Certificate of non criminal record of all participants
  • Description of the company operation and planned services
  • EU standard crypto AML documents, CFT policies and processes
  • EU standard crypto KYC processes and systems

FAQ - Crypto license Slovakia