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Bank account North America — Opening Process & Requirements 

The reputation of North America for financial institutions is unbeatable. The United States of America has one of the most important banking systems in the world. Not only for serving the domestic economy, but because countless companies all over the world are doing business with one of the major economic players on the planet. Open a bank account in North American countries and bring your business to the next level. It’s not only about getting into one of the most reputed and trusted financial systems of the world, but also to gain trust among your partners and clients and to benefit from ever-increasing services from top shelf banks. LegalBison has a longstanding experience in opening corporate accounts all over the world. Get a consultation with one of our corporate services specialists and assess what a corporate account in America can do for you.

Corporate bank account opening in North America

A bank account in America can seem daunting to get at first, if you are not a resident. It is true that American banks will take a careful look at your business activity, your citizenship and your finances before agreeing to work with you. In some cases, you may want to consider the registration of a company for the purpose of being accepted into a US bank. This is actually a very smart strategy. The company could be registered in a state with an advantageous tax system, or within another jurisdiction that the North American banks are happy to work with. Our experts will assess the best possible options at your disposal. You may earn more than a prestigious bank account in the deal: you could legally incorporate a tax planning vehicle and relief your financial statements. An important note: the feasibility of both the foreign incorporation and the opening of a business account in America is basically a per case assessment. This is why we insist on getting in touch with our team, so you will know for sure what could work best for your firm.

North American business accounts for investments

Another exciting perspective for opening a bank account in the USA for your company is to access the American markets. With a dollar account in the name of your company, you can drive your treasury to Wall Street. The solidity of the US banking system guarantees that the money and assets of your business are safe. It is then reasonable to make the best of it by investing into the American economy. Whether you are a real estate development company, an investment fund or an online retail shop in Europe, a bank account in America is giving you considerable options for expanding your activity through direct business or investing. Check out the feasibility of your projects and set up a fail-proof growth plan with the assistance of our specialists.
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